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In an interview with Radio Jambo, Sarah Kabu the Managing Director of Bonfire Adventures confessed that young women are flooding her husband’s DM, ever since he bought her the Sh30 million Range Rover for her 39th birthday.

He he he we didn’t know it was going to be a problem, every slay queen who see him is requesting a Vitz. Watu walikuwa wanauliza kwa internet hawajui nampea design gani, ili aweze kuninunulia Range Rover.

People don’t respect the institution of marriage and it is so sad. We receive a lot of DMs especially in his account and we both have log in’s each other’s account.

By the way that is what I advise couples if someone is hiding his or her password take is a red flag.

Like in the New Year’s I was running his DMs and a slay queen wrote a message, ‘Happy New Year Simon Kabu this year my goal is to go out with you, please make it happen.’

I usually don’t respond because we get those DMs almost on a daily basis. The only thing I do is just visiting their profiles.

The girls are young sometimes I say if I was beautiful like them I will not waste my beauty with old men out there.”

She also said the same issue also happens with young men who try to hit on her, “Especially when I drive around on my Range Rover there are young men who know the right places to get rich women.

They hang around there and they will always try to make their moves but its so funny sometimes you are even with your kids. My kids are so intelligent so they understand, its very worrying with the young generation.”

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