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Friends who vacay together stay together? It seems not.

After jetting off to TZ for a holiday, Nairobi Diaries stars Mishi Dora and Bridget Achieng fell out before the vacay was over.

Even after Bridget jetted back to 254 without her cast mate, the ill harboured feelings didn’t change with a new scenery. Mishi called out Bridget on their so called vacay.

Bridget Achieng

Bridget Achieng.

Mother claq claq next time before you go running your mouth that you bought me panties you better have a background check. You were here on this specific day when I said I don’t wear panties. If you want lie make sure you never forget the lie or make it look like the truth. So you can afford to pay for my flights and hotels yet you can’t afford rent for your partitioned house.  How can you pay my bills when common rent for your crib or shop is impossible for you to get. You go begging people for it,Mishi wrote on her social media.

Mishi Dorah.

Mishi Dorah.

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