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Popular TV personality has launched her book, My First Time.

The book features top celebrities Adelle Onyango, Caroline Mutoko, Sharon Mundia, Mercy Masika and Pinky Ghelani among others, who give an account of their first time having periods.

I cast my net wide in terms of asking people to participate and these are the ones who we’re comfortable enough to share their stories and within the time frame of the books timelines,” she said.

Janet revealed the inspiration of the book was from ‘period shaming’ that girls faced, “Hearing the stories of so many women and girls who can’t access products or information and how much that disrupts the lives of families and communities.

I wanted to do something to address that, to raise awareness and break the stigma and taboos associated with periods.

Funds raised from the book will play a role in creating solutions to addressing period poverty and period misinformation.

So many issues stem for periods. Health issues, social issues and so many others that it’s time we realized this issue affects us all and that girls, boys, women and children need to be included in the conversations around period injustices and inequalities.

We need a more inclusive and comprehensive policy. This book is a tool to encourage and influence a more robust policy in Kenya and other countries that need it too.”

The book took a year and a half to complete.

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