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The upcoming talented South Sudanese songstress Akuot has released a new single Anavyonifanya produced by renowned Kenyan producer Herbalist and Wyre as Co-Producer.

The urban pop smash single has a touch of urban sound fused with Zouk and some jazzy touch, showcasing Akuot’s versatility.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Akuot said “Anavyonifanya is a song about love in the refugee camps which is sometimes seen as impossible, yet the same refugees are also human beings with feelings.” Adding, “It’s a fun song that still has a very serious meaning when put it in reality and one that we can easily to relate to.”

Watch the video below!

According to Akuot, being a refugee is just a status that can change any time and therefore love is inevitable.

The music video is directed by one of the most sought after music directors, Alex and was co-written by Akuot and Wyre.

Akuot is currently planning on working with more acts in the industry and is keen on those who share a vision and style similar to hers. “It’s very exciting to finally have a song released to my fans and finally being able to fully define myself as an artiste. I was inspired by the stage I’m in in my music career and definitely the things that have been happening around me. I’ve always done love songs at Karaoke’s but this is the fun version amongst all of them. It’s a great depiction of my personality. All these factors influenced its creation,” she concluded.

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