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Kidege hit makers Bandanah and Spizzo have accused singers Otile Brown and Timmy for stealing their song Wenge, “I contacted Otile Brown to feature in the remix for my song with Spizzo, Wenge and he told us for him to feature in our collaboration we have to pay him Sh200,000 because he has hustled a lot in the industry. But we could not afford that kind of money,” said Bandanah.

Bandanah and Spizzo.

Bandanah and Spizzo.

Later the duo realised that Otile and Timmy had released their new song Wembe which featured the same chorus from their song Wenge, “A few weeks later the two had released their song Wembe which is exactly the same chorus from our song. I had sent Otile the lyrics for my song and Timmy had also told me he loved the same song sometime last year. The only thing they changed was the name.”

Otile Brown’s manager Reginald Noriega said, “No comment.”


Timmy on the other hand said, “First I don’t know the two artistes and they are trying to be relevant by creating a fake story. We researched our song Wembe then we recorded it, three days later the audio was already released and later the video. Our song is much popular than the song they claim we sampled. As an artiste if we were to sample a song it must be a hit not an irrelevant song. I challenge them for a stage performance so we see if the songs are similar.”

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