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Actress Sarah Hassan is back on the screen with new Valentine’s film dubbed Plan B.

She plays the role of Lisa Waweru, a broke and struggling stylist who gets brutally dumped by her long term boyfriend.

After a drinking spree at the club, and a one night stand with a mysterious guy, five months later, now pregnant, she discovers this mysterious guy is Dele Coker played by Nigerian star Daniel Etim Effiong, is a successful CEO and she is convinced that he is the father of her baby, and so is her best friend Joyce played by Kate Kamau, they must come up with the perfect plan to find him and have him pay his dues.

Plan B will be released via LowlaDee’s YouTube channel on February 14. After its premiere on the channel, the film will go on to broadcast TV.

The film is directed by LowlaDee and produced by Sarah Hassan.

Watch the Trailer Below!



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