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Akorino model Peris Wairimu alias Pesh received backlash last week when she posted her photo rocking a swimsuit, the model says her intention was not to offend her community, “Mid 2017, I wanted to showcase that the Akorino people can shine in any career they focus on, we are mostly known for our dressing and always ridiculed by saying ‘watu 10 na Mukorino mmoja’.

I decided to embrace it as model, members of the church and especially my family was very supportive. My mom for example bought me the clothing I needed to pursue my career.

I apologised for the swim suit images because it received mixed reactions from social media followers and Akorino community. I specifically apologised to the Akorino who might have been offended by the images after receiving quite a backlash.”

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Pesh who is still in college studying information technology, describes her fashion as modern conservative, “My style modern conservative. I believe in dressing decently and at the same time looking fashionable and attractive.” She confirmed she is not dating, “Currently I am not dating, I’m more focused on myself, my studies and my career path.”

When asked if we will see her modeling lingerie she said, “Ha ha ha no I’m a conservative person.”

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