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Muthoni Drummer Queen is set to release her brand new album She.

She is a masterful 12-track album that gives the Motown formula a truly post-millennial makeover. The concept album is the across-over record- packed to the brim with soul-nourishing, infectious, club and radio-friendly hits.

A lot of though, creativity and effort has gone into making this show the most spectacular combination of music, dance, performance and visual art. I want to show you how I have grown, how Nairobi has grown and how I am flipping the culture once again. The whole crew is down from Switzerland to work collaboratively with the Kenya art team, so expect a sublime audio-visual experience, ”said Muthoni.

She is intelligent, timeless Pop music written to celebrate the beauty, strength, innovation and resilience of African women. From a purely musical point of view, the album is a record packed with anthems that treat the idea of genre in the same playful manner that golden-age hip hop used to treat sampling. Almost every song on here is an amalgam of numerous styles, either by the virtue of fluidly switching between them or running several genres simultaneously.

She was produced and recorded in Switzerland by Swiss producers Greg “GR” Escoffey and Jean “Hook” Geissbuhler, in what Muthoni dubbed a series of three bootcamp sessions.


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