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Dubai based fast food chain, Grilll Shack has made its debut into the Kenyan market through the launch of its first restaurant in Africa at the Westgate Mall.

Grilll Shack promises to give its consumers a unique experience of America’s culture at the core with influences of food across the globe. Allowing consumers to experience different tastes of signature meals, yet embracing their existing culture.

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The restaurant’s menu showcases a variety of a meaty menu of steaks, ribs and burgers with a selection of starters, burritos, salads and sea food.

Speaking during the launch, Simbisa Managing Director, Salim Eceolaza emphasized on the chain’s purpose to give Kenyans a unique and fantastic meat tasting offering from its roots in Dubai. “We aim to bring a red meat concept that was developed in Dubai to Nairobi with our predominantly meaty menu of steaks, ribs and burgers in a casual yet industrial setting”, Salim said.

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The firm’s entrance into Kenya comes amid increasing competition from big players in the fast food industry. These global players are turning to emerging markets such as Africa for growth and expansion considering the growing middle class market.

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Nairobi has positioned itself as a good market for multiple multinationals paving way for an increasing number of fast food restaurants to meet this demand.


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