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Kenya’s celebrated power couple Wahu and Nameless, and content creator Maureen Waititu marked The World Malaria Day with Mothers and their newborns at Pumwani Maternity and Mama Lucy Hospital in Nairobi where they donated Mortein Doom goodies.

The two hospitals benefited from the new initiative that seeks to enhance their knowledge on preventive measures of the killer diseases – Malaria.

Damira at Pumwani

The awareness drive, which was rolled out at Pumwani and Mama Lucy hospital in Nairobi by Mortein Doom intends to reach to the more than 2500 Mothers who visit the health facilities.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the World Malaria Report 2018, More than four million cases of malaria are reported annually in Kenya with a 5.1 percent mortality rate being reported among patients admitted with severe malaria. The situation becomes direr with children under age 5 and pregnant women are the most vulnerable to infection.

Wahu at Pumwani

Speaking during the world Malaria day which is globally acknowledged on the 25th of April, RB’s Country Manager, Sachin Varma noted that RB through its brand, Mortein Doom, will remain a key stakeholder in insuring that the Malaria scourge is controlled through driving public educational initiatives that reinforce the message that Malaria is preventable and treatable.

Maurine Waititu at Pumwani.

As we all work towards achieving the strategic development goals (SDG’s) in the country, RB is keen on ensuring that Malaria is controlled throughout the country and will continue to be steadfast at driving initiatives through our collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other partners to scale up campaigns geared towards reinforcing the message that Malaria is preventable. This day is very important because it reminds us that everyone is a stakeholder and has a role to play to ensure this disease does not affect us, especially young children” noted Mr. Sachin.



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