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The Hub Karen unveiled Under The Kahawa Tree to the public, the monumental sculpture in the lower piazza of the mall put together by local artist, Peter Ngugi. Encouragement of local artists and crafts people has always been at the core of The Hub Karen’s ethos.

The towering 32 feet elegant sculpture is a monument celebrating the importance of the coffee tree in Kenya.

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I used a total of 9688 stainless stell spoons to form the canopy. The spoon is the most basic item used in Kenya in eatng what we have harvested. This was the main reason for choosing to use the spoons,” he said.

The tree also comes with 3800 coffee berries, they are all red and ready to harvest, asign of good times ahead,” Peter added.

In African culture, occasions of significance such as town meetings, baraza’s, ceremonies and celebrations are shared under iconic trees. It is commonly used in every day conversation to mark personal moments of arrival, celebration and accomplishment, hence my inspiration of the tree” he concludes.

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The people under the Kahawa Tree comprises of Lady school teacher, a business man and a family man sitting on the bench with his son busy playing a computer game on the tablet.

The installation is a result of one year planning and execution.

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