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Popular socialite Zari Hassan is officially off market.

The mother of five revealed that she officially engaged to her mysterious South African man, Mr M who is a politician and runs his own construction company. “Mr M is not of public interest but when the time comes that I need to let people know who he is I will.

I have already done my engagement and my ring is custom made because I wanted something different so I’m just waiting for my ring to come out.”

She also confirmed the cars she has been showing off on social media are not hers, “The Ferrari and all those cars that I drive are not mine there are his, the fact that I am his woman and he is not a social media person, he allows me to use them.

I own five cars, two Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, a convertible and Range Rover and very soon I will be getting a Bentley from him as my engagement present.”



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